Low Voltage Wiring

Low Voltage Wiring

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Low Voltage Wiring Service

Businesses need a network that works efficiently with well-planned low voltage wiring that allows for business to flow easily. So whether a business is looking to improve their connection to the Internet, moving to a new location, expanding their current location or cleaning up a wiring mess, BlueKey IT can assess the current low voltage wiring and then assist in creating an efficient solution.

What is Low Voltage Wiring?

Low voltage wiring is different than regular electrical wiring. It carries signal versus an electrical current. It carries less than 50 volts versus the 120 or 240 volts that is typical in general electrical wiring. Wiring for networks, security alarm systems, and audio speakers are all examples of low voltage wiring. This wiring is not usually included in a contractor’s bid for new builds or tenant improvements. Instead the BlueKey IT team can work with the architect who is designing the area, run cables to the necessary location, replace old wiring or clean up messy server closets.

Low Voltage Wiring Assessment

The first step to low voltage wiring is an initial assessment. Whether the issue is due to a low quality Internet Connection, messy cables or a new office, an assessment will allow BlueKey IT to find the issue and create a solution. Once a solution has been discussed, TeamBlue will draw up an estimate of all costs so the client can decide what solution will work best. The care and attention to detail BlueKey’s technicians apply to each company’s needs will allow each business owner and office manager to know exactly what needs to be done to improve the current issues and provide ideas for new options.

Improve Internet Connection

The Internet is an integral part of all business. When the Internet is not connecting on one computer or many, it is a costly and frustrating experience for staff members. BlueKey IT can assess the issues causing the poor or nonexistent connection and then work on fixing the issue.

Hard Wiring

If the issue exists on a wireless connection, a hard wire solution can be faster and more secure. If this is not already set up, low voltage ethernet cables can be run to each workstation. This will provide a more stable, consistent connection for staff members.


Some companies prefer a wireless network due to rental agreements, cost to run wiring, office furniture set up or the type of devices in the office. In this case, TeamBlue will assess the current wireless configuration. Then the technician can add new wireless access points or change the location to increase the quality and speed of the connection in certain areas of the office.  If the access points are not mounted in the ceiling facing down, it can decrease their reach. In some offices, access points are on desks facing up with interference like cubicle walls in the way that decrease their reach. By moving the access points to a ceiling mount, the quality of the connection increases. Low voltage wiring can be added above the ceiling for the wireless access points. These wiring and location changes can make a big difference in WiFi connection speeds.

Planning Low Voltage Wiring for an Office Move

When a business decides to move, low voltage wiring is an item to consider in the new office. New offices usually need tenant improvements. An architect may be involved in the planning for the new space and he/she will mark where the space needs low voltage wiring. BlueKey IT looks at the blueprints and provides an estimate for the project. If the improvements are minimal, a site survey will need to be done. Site surveys are a time for the business owner or office manager to meet with BlueKey at the new space and discuss the arrangement of furniture, computers, TV’s, security and sound system. After the business owner reviews estimate, TeamBlue will run the wiring and can also assist with getting network equipment, servers, and computers running efficiently.  Getting low voltage wiring done well from the beginning leads to better connection speeds and an easier move.

Network Considerations in an Office Expansion

Low voltage wiring is also a consideration for an office expansion. When the office expansion is in the next office space or an addition, wiring can be run from the current networking equipment to the new offices or expansion. This way the same internet connection works for the new expansion as well. If the office expansion is close but is separate from the current building, additional low voltage wiring can be run to an antenna in both locations so sharing the network and its resources is a possibility. BlueKey IT has many solutions for the unique needs of each office expansion and meet the needs of each business.

Server Closet Wiring Clean Up

Server closets get messy. As new equipment and computers are added or updated, more wiring is added. This can make the wiring look like a spider’s web intertwined with old and new equipment. Staff can be nervous about removing equipment and touching wiring that is out of order. This spider web of wires and equipment looks awful but also can make troubleshooting issues more difficult. BlueKey technicians can take a look at the server closet and recommend changes that will make it look cleaner and make troubleshooting easier.

Out with the Old Wiring, In with the New

How old is the wiring in the office? If it is older than 20 years old, it may be time to replace it. Older wiring contains peanut oil which attracts mice therefore wiring might have wires that may be severed in places. In addition wiring has improved over the years and this can affect the quality of the network connection. New wiring can improve the quality of the connection. If the wiring is 20 years old or older an assessment of the current wiring is a great way to see if connection can be improved with new wiring.

BlueKey IT Technicians are Low Voltage Wiring Experts

Low voltage wiring is the one of the core parts of your network. It allows the networking equipment, security and sound systems to work together.  It also allows for staff to connect to the Internet, share files and programs. Well planned, current wiring makes a network and all of its parts work efficiently. BlueKey IT recommends businesses have an assessment if the Internet is slow or if the wiring is old or disorganized. Office moves and expansions also require an assessment to make sure it is ready for move-in day. Companies can rely on the low voltage wiring experts at BlueKey IT to assess, estimate and run wiring for all business needs.