Corporate IT Services

Corporate IT Services

Corporate IT Services | BlueKey IT

At BlueKey IT Services we can provide outstanding corporate IT services for your large business. Even if you have a full time IT staff we can be there to provide additional man power for projects or other one time tasks.  With BlueKey IT there is no need to hire additional employees.  Let our staff be your smart hands when you need them.

Our team of trained experts can assist your large business or corporate IT services needs in these areas:

Outsourced Labor and Smart Hands

When you have a large project to tackle that exceeds the capacity of your internal team look to us.  We can be there for you to handle those server migrations and updates, software package implementations, and adds, moves, and changes.  Save yourself the hassle and HR paperwork of bringing on a new staff member.  Our team can fill those gaps for you at a fraction of the cost.

High Speed Internet and Wi-Fi

Your company needs fast and reliable internet.  Accessing email, web pages, shared server resources This takes more than just purchasing a fast package from your internet service provider. It requires the right equipment, and Wi-Fi built for the demands of a business.  Let BlueKey IT help you chose the right equipment and setup your internet and Wi-Fi the right way to handle all the needs of your firm. High speed internet and Wi-Fi will allow your employees and staff to move freely throughout the office while maintaining access to their important data.

Data & Network Security

It is important to have a strong plan in place to protect your company’s data and your information from the outside world. We can recommend corporate IT services that aid you in this.  You should require your users to follow best practices such as enforcing password complexity rules and password expiration policies.  Your network should utilize equipment designed with security in mind.  This includes firewalls with network intrusion detection in place.  Remote users should use virtual private networks (VPN) to access your data and hard drive encryption should be setup on all laptop devices.

Data Archiving

If you have older data that is not needed on a regular basis you can save valuable server hard drive space on online storage fees by archiving this data.  We can help provide secure, reliable archiving solutions for this critical data.

Data Backups

BlueKey IT Services can setup and provide convenient and powerful backup solutions designed to keep your company’s information safe. We recommend that all data is backed up at least nightly and a copy is stored off site.

Disaster Recovery

Implementing a disaster recover plan is an important component of your IT planning strategy.  While data backups can ensure that your company does not lose valuable information, having a solid plan on what to do when disaster strikes is a must.  Calculating and knowing what an acceptable RTO (return to operations) time line is will help you implement the right plan for your firm.

Managed IT Support

At BlueKey IT Services we manage of all your technology and IT support needs. By offering remote and on-site support  of your workstations and servers we can respond to problems quickly and efficiently.  Our 24/7/365 live monitoring of your equipment, anti-virus software, and network monitoring solutions ensure your systems are protected.  We also include IT consulting and strategic planning services to help your business grow and stay updated with the latest technology innovations. We work as your strategic IT partner and strive to be a valuable member of your team.