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Email Services Support

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Email is a crucial service for businesses and having proper email services support is crucial.  Daily communications with clients, resources and sales leads are the life blood of most businesses.  So any issue with email needs to be resolved right away.  BlueKey IT’s helpdesk technicians know how important email issues are for companies and make getting them working correctly a priority.   If a business has a need for email services support, needs to migrate from an on-premise Exchange Server to a cloud solution, or has security concerns, TeamBlue has the key to solve the problem.   

Email IT Consulting 

There are many types of email options available to businesses.  How does a company decide what will work best now and in the future?  BlueKey IT Services offers IT consulting that includes advice for Email.  TeamBlue has decades of experience working with all different sizes and types of companies and expertise in many different types of email services.  Email IT Consulting provides businesses with an expert to ask about the types of services available, security needed, upgrade schedules and advantages and disadvantages for each service.  Through IT consulting business owners can make important decisions about email services for their companies.  

Types of Email Services 

There are many different email services to choose from but the most common choices for business email are Microsoft 365, onpremise Exchange, and Google Workspace.  Each option has different costs, advantages and disadvantages.  Support for each service is included in BlueKey IT’s helpdesk service for Email.  This enables business owners to make decisions about what kind of email service they would like to start or migrate to at each stage of their business.  It also gives owners the confidence that whatever they choose, they will have support so it will work efficiently in the future 


On-Premise Exchange is an email service held on-site on a serverIt allows each account access to email, contact, calendar and public folder data.  The data and emails are stored on the server.  Since all data is held on-site, it is more difficult to access away from the office.  The cost of Exchange is all paid for at the time of installationNo updates are included in the purchase of the software so businesses need to budget for an upgrade in 3-5 years so the programs continue to work efficiently.    

Microsoft 365 

Microsoft 365 includes email and software (depending on the license).  The email and software are accessible through apps on the computer or through a web portal.  All data is stored in the cloud so it is available anywhere the user is located.  Many different options are available for all different types and sizes of companies with different licenses and costs. Upgrades are included in the account so there is no need to plan to for upgrades and maintenance but instead just monthly payments. This type of account also allows for the business to scale (bigger or smaller) as needed.  Security is easily managed through multifactor authentication and company policies.  BlueKey can manage the account as well to keep the account up to date, secure and running efficiently.  

Google Workspace 

Gmail is another cloud solution for email.  It is accessed solely through a web portal along with GSuite software for daily word processing, spreadsheets, etc.  This option works for many different types of companies and sizesUpgrades are included so no maintenance schedule is needed.  Like Microsoft 365, it is easily scalable since it is a monthly account and can easily grow or decrease in size with the number of employees. TeamBlue manages Google Workspace accounts so staff can continue to work efficiently while having access to email communication. 

New and old accounts 

TeamBlue manages all email support services for companies.  This includes managing email service when a new employee is joining a team or a current employee is leaving a team.  Permissions, security, computer set up and termination procedures are managed by BlueKey so the company is secure Then staff can concentrate on their jobs instead of worrying about technology. 

Common issues 

Staff members use email frequently.  Therefore, they can run into issues using the software or service.  TeamBlue is available to troubleshoot any issue with email support services that arise.  If it is a new computer set up, technicians can make sure email is up and running.  Common issues many times arise from computer upgrades.  Then once the Windows or iOS update occurs, the software can be adversely affected.  Most of the time, the errors that occur are minor and can be fixed remotely for users.  Other times it can be a bigger issue that involves making bigger changes.  These changes can be communicated from BlueKey to everyone so they can get back to work quickly.



Cloud software provides flexibility and ease of access so many companies are making the switch from on-premise Exchange servers to cloud email services.  BlueKey IT can migrate emails from an on-premise server to the cloud and guide staff through the process.  The process starts with a meeting to discuss the procedures, make choices for cloud services and then schedule the migration.  Then once the migration is complete, each computer and user are set up with the new service.  Helpdesk technicians are available to support any questions and concerns afterwards as well.    


Proactive email security measures like having accurate termination procedures and multifactor authentication are vital for companies.  Other email security risks are phishing emails and viruses.  BlueKey offers employee education through newsletters, cyber security presentations and phishing campaigns.  Education is the key to avoiding potential viruses and data loss.    

Secure Email 

Secure email is a service offered by Microsoft 365 and other email providers.  Healthcare providers and other organizations that need to send private or protected information through email can benefit from additional security options like secure email.  TeamBlue can set up secure email so compliance and security is paramount while considering the ease of email.   

Other Communication Platforms  

Email offers simple ways to communicate between and within offices and clients.  As more technology becomes available, more secure ways to communicate easily come to the marketplace.  Teams through Microsoft 365 is a popular way to communicate in an office and with external users.  It is secure and allows easy ways for teams to share calendar and files too.  It also allows virtual meetings.  Google Meets is a part of Google Workspace and also allows for virtual meetings and instant messaging within the office. It also has a chat option for conversations with external users.  No matter what platform businesses choose to use for communication, BlueKey IT can assist with set up and support as staff utilize them.  This way staff is able to communicate without issues getting in the way of new business or daily tasks. 

BlueKey IT is the KEY to Email for Businesses

BlueKey IT Services supports businesses of all sizes and types with email services.  Whether a business is ready to be set up with new email services or migrate to a cloud email service, TeamBlue can help.  Everyday issues can be fixed quickly so staff can get back to work without a delay.  BlueKey IT consulting services can be used to figure out which type of service fits each company’s needs best.  Want to get started?  Contact BlueKey IT Services today for a free Network Assessment!