About Us

About Us

About BlueKey IT

Fun, Knowledgeable and Reliable

Is it possible to hire a team that can solve difficult IT problems while having fun?  With TeamBlue it is!  Get to know more about us and you will see no technicians that look and act like they live in their parents’ basement playing video games all night. Instead BlueKey IT works as a team to figure out the tough issues for each client while being a fun, reliable part of their staff. Since TeamBlue is local, each issue is handled by a familiar face or voice on the phone line.  

Meeting Clients’ Needs

Our owner, Mike, is passionate about building a team that looks out for the best for each client. The best for the client and not always his wallet. In fact, when he first started in IT at a big technology store 25 years ago, his manager reprimanded him for recommending a more reasonable computer to a customer instead of the more expensive one the store wanted him to sell. Mike still looks out for his clients needs instead of what will make more money. He has built a team of genuine and knowledgeable men and women that always look at what’s best for each client. In fact, that is why BlueKey IT was formed. When former business relationships did not meet client needs, TeamBlue was created. 

Decades of Experience with Great Customer Service

TeamBlue’s purpose is show clients the freedom that comes with no longer worrying about technology issues while providing terrific customer service With decades of experience in many different areas, BlueKey IT’s staff provides responsive, expert service that is proactive with a helpdesk to solve any issues that arise.

A Technology Advocate

BlueKey IT is a local team of knowledgeable IT technicians who look out for the best for their clients.  If you and your staff are looking for a technology advocate that manages your IT so staff can concentrate on their work, give us a call or fill out the form below. Team Blue would love to get to know you, let us know more about us and how we can assist best with IT services.